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I know I was like many other people - I never really paid much attention to my electric bill...

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Kilowatt King Is All About Saving You Money

Kilowatt King is a professional Energy Brokerage/Management company. We specialize in both Commercial and Residential Electrical Accounts.

  • Our Vice President of Sales is a West Point graduate.
  • We are one of the fastest growing residential energy brokers.
  • Our management TEAM has been in the energy management business for many years so we have a great deal of expertise in this area.
  • 99.7% renewal rates – everyone loves our great LOW rates and awesome customer service

This is NOT multi-level marketing – ONLY SAVINGS!!

Kilowatt King helps its many customers obtain the best possible price in their electrical power needs with the most favorable terms and conditions. We do not represent the electric companies, nor do we sell power or are we tied to any particular electric supplier.  We work with many of the Top Tier 1 Competitive Retail Electric Providers (REPs).

Because of our longevity in business, our 110% belief in ethics and our strength with many large commercial accounts, we are able to obtain the best prices and terms to include offers of credit that otherwise might have been denied. Because of our strength and reputation, we often have the biggest and best REPs bidding for business with rates/conditions that are not available to other brokers and certainly not to the general public.

Most companies/residences are already on a fixed contract. Because it is our belief that building relationships allows us to provide the best possible prices and terms, we want to get to know each customer whether that be for a business or a residence. That starts with knowing certain key pieces of information:

  • Your ESI/meter number – from your bill
  • Your address and email address
  • Who is your provider
  • When does your contract end
  • How much are you currently paying

Even if you are already on a contract, please send us this information – we can analyze your situation and make the BEST Recommendation!

Analyzing this information has allowed us to:

  •  We have saved a well known Italian restaurant $77,500 IN ONE YEAR
  • We saved a diagnostic center over $15,700 days after they had signed a contract with another major provider
  • We saved a homeowner over $1,535 in ONE YEAR by reducing their cost in half – AND THIS WAS AFTER THEY HAD PAID A CANCELLATION FEE!!

We accomplished this by finding them the best possible prices/terms working with our many Tier 1 providers!!

Our goal is quite simple:

We want to become your energy broker so that you never have to worry about your electricity needs ever again.

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